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After Stockholm, New York, Copenhagen, Paris and Shenzhen. The shop is now back in Gothenburg!
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The Weekly Minute. An idea for Animated Satire for the Swedish TV. Made for the Swedish Election 2014. More developments will come!

Annie Loof, the Center party. Carl Bildt, Foreign Minister. Fredrik Reinfeldt, Prime Minister. Stefan Lofven, Democrats.

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I was working as an illustrator in New York when the twin towers fell. I could not get any assignments for 3 months and in desperation I went to get advice from Seymour Chwast. I had previously made a silly postcard with President W Bush selling icecream on the north pole, and Seymour thought I should do 3D charicatures. He told me it should be a market for it.

So I went home and I made Woody Allen, Björk, Britney Spears and some others. Shortly after I got a job designing and modeling characters for History Channel entertainment spots. I kept doing that for a couple of years until I got a job in Copenhagen and there I became responsible for the charicatures and models for the pilot of the live action-based The Olsen Band. A classic in Denmark. Many people were skeptical initially because It was/is a delicate task to make a 3D caricature of a real person. It went well though, the pilot sold the project and it became a feature animated film.

After a couple of years in Paris as a character modeler and some years teaching at Shenzhen University in China I moved back home to Sweden.

I soon discovered that things had changed in Sweden since I was here the last time, 13 years earlier. And I am still baffled by how little political satire there is. Why is that? I am sure it is deeply un-commercial because most of the animated entertainment is for young people. Teenagers and younger. But I refuse to believe I am the only adult that would like to see 3D animated Satire. In fact I know there is, because after developing a new idea for the Swedish political Election in 2014 I sent designed posters of a new show ”The weekly Minute” to all the parliament representatives in Sweden. And I got 14 very good responces.

This will be deloped further and hopefully be a project for Kickstarter and its own Youtube channel!

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Tomas Andreasson